Amigos del Tango is a registered association founded in 1997. Its objective is to uphold and develop the knowledge and practice of Argentine tango in Finland.

Amigos del Tango is a volunteer-based organisation, which aims to spread the practice of  Argentine tango through organizing different happenings, and sharing information about Argentine tango related events.



The association organizes milongas – or social dances – with Argentine tango, waltz and milonga music. It also provides many possibilities to learn the Argentine tango with the guidance of both domestic and foreign teachers. The biggest annual event is held in Helsinki in February; Tango Frostbite is an international Argentine tango festival, which brings together 300-400 Argentine tango enthusiasts for dance and practice. Other major events include the Summer Camp, Helsinki Milonga Weekend and Tangosauna.

The members of the association have rented and renovated El Ático, a dance studio at Kumpulantie 1 (8th floor), Helsinki. You can go there for lessons, individual practice and social dancing. Milongas are organized there every Thursday 20.00 - 23.30, and nearly every Sunday 18.00 - 22.00. The entrance fee at the milongas is usually 5 euros for members, and 8 euros for visitors. Atico's events are announced on this web site and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elaticohelsinki/

Become a member

When you want to join the activities, please fill in this online form. As a member you will receive a bulletin a few times a year. The newsletter contains information about camps, larger events, contacts, and information about trainings and courses. As a member you can participate in classes arranged by Amigos del Tango; the beginners' class, you can join without membership though. The membership fee is 25 euros per calendar year.

THE Board

Bernt Andreas Drange


I have been dancing Argentine tango since the ancient times when we were dancing to CDs instead of having DJs, and often call myself a grandfather in this community. I have had the pleasure of dancing and DJing in many events and places in Europe and beyond, the honour of being a chair of the Tango Abrazo association in Bergen, Norway, and part of the team organising Bergen Tango Marathon, Tangosauna and other smaller events. My goal as chairman is to collaborate with the association to create structures and a culture in which everyone who has a wish to create something finds the support and means available to succeed - and having fun while doing it.

Marja Pekkala


I was so charmed by tango in the early 2000s, that I set all other dances aside altogether. I like all forms of Argentine tango, from traditional to nuevo, and also waltz and milonga. I enjoy the social and international aspects of tango, and in particular the music. Tango travel is my hobby. In ADT's activities, I have participated in the organizing of the Frostbite festival and summer camps amongst other things.

Ioanna Samona

board member

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Laura Rustholkarhu

deputy board member

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Hellin Saarelainen

deputy board member

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Jani Keinänen

board member

I began with tango in the United States in 2002, after having danced competitive dance. The same year I started a milonga in my city and began dj-ing. I returned to Finland in 2012, and since then I have been closely involved in the activities of the association. I planned and led the construction of the dance hall in Ático; I proposed the name for the place – El Ático – which was also chosen, and I have been active as a dj, and as a dj coordinator in ADT. I have been in the organizing team of the Summer Camp since 2012, and responsible for sound at Frostbite and TangoSauna amongst other things. 

Emma Murros

board member

I had been dancing other dances for many years until succumbing to total tango madness: years later the symptoms still cause obsessive practice and tango travelling - even tango DJing. I have been managing Facebook communications for the association for several years but am currently concentrating on organising workshop weekends in Helsinki. I was one of the original members of the Helsinki Milonga Weekend team and in 2019 I was actively involved in the organisation of the Tango Frostbite festival. Tango gives you a unique chance to connect with people you would never meet in any other context. Through the music, it allows you to imagine places, times and situations you may never have experienced in your own life. All this increases compassion between people and helps you understand yourself better, too - the good and the bad in all of us. And let’s not forget it’s just so…much…FUN! The most fun you can have while looking deadly serious.

Liina Nyholm

board member

My backround as a dancer is in contemporary and jazz dance. I was supposed to become a choreographer. Somehow I drifted away to other things and never really missed dancing until...tango. The social and improvisational characteristics of tango came as a suprise. Interpretation of music comes naturally but connecting with your partner was a new challenge and  is always an adventure. Sometimes it is wonderful to ”just follow” but as an improviser I love to be able to be more active. So I’m on my way to changing role! (not completely though). On the  AdT board my role is in the web and Facebook communications together with Emma and I was also part of the organising  team of Frostbite taking care of  visual things both in marketing and in the festival.

Suvi Peltoniemi

Secretary (outside Adt board)

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