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dance studio el Ático

Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

Kumpulantie 1
8th floor

Amigos del Tango ry's own milonga and practice hall is El Ático, located in East Pasila in Helsinki. The space has two halls, a larger milonga hall and a smaller practice hall.

The practice hall is intended for members of associations to practice freely alone, as a pair or in a group. When there is no paid event organized by the association at El Ático (milongas, concerts, etc.) or the entire Ático has not been rented out to an external event organizer, the practice hall is always available to members. It cannot be booked separately. A member who has paid for training time can come and train exactly when it suits them best. The times El  Ático is rented to external event organizers can be found on the Home page.

You can enter El Ático with a door card, where you can load value for one-time payments or training period. The training period entitles you to freely practice in the training hall during the period. The practice hall has a sound system, CD player and tango records that are available to members. Playing music from your own phone, tablet or laptop is also possible.

Door cards can be redeemed and loaded with time or value at a separately agreed time on weekly milongas at Thursdays and Sundays. The door card deposit must be paid by bank transfer, while training time/value on door card can be paid with MobilePay or by bank transfer. The door card can also be obtained at another separately agreed time. See the Practice page for more information. You can also send an email to: info(at)

El Ático's milonga hall has an excellent dance floor. The hall is suitable not only for milongas, but also as a venue for various parties, events and performances. The cozy dance hall, decorated in the spirit of a 1920s cafe, can accommodate small tables and chairs around the dance floor. The hall has excellent sound system and danceable live concerts have also been organized there.

The Milonga hall can be reserved when there is no use marked in the reservation calendar. If necessary, 30 minutes will be reserved between the bookings of different renters as arrangement period. The renter ensures that the hall is in the same condition for the next user as it was at the beginning of their rental period.

The purpose of use of the hall must be such that it does not damage the floor or other decor of the milonga hall. AdT reserves the right not to rent premises when it considers that the purpose of use is not in accordance with the association's operating principles. When you want to make a reservation, send your contact information and information about the purpose for which you want to rent the hall (private practice, group or private teaching, lecture, etc.) by email to: info(at)

how to get to el Ático

How to get to El Ático:

Jämsänkatu stop is serviced by bus lines 7X ja 59. There is a short, few minutes' walk for Pasila train station. Due to a renovation of tram tracks, the stop is not serviced by any tram lines. Please make sure to check your route with either HSL route planner or Google Maps to address: Kumpulantie 1, Helsinki

When you are at the ground level door, call number +358 4585 6060 8 and the door will be opened for you. Note that the phone is not answered but the door is opened when we hear the phone ringing.


In case you arrive by car, there is plenty of free parking around on evenings and weekends.

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