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Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

Practice fees at El Ático

You need to be a member of Amigos del Tango in order to practice at El Ático (attending to weekly classes does not require a membership). You can become a member simply by filling a membership form at Join AdT page.

Single practice fees are paid with MOBILE PAY, or by bank transfer to AdT's account. NO CASH!

Instructions are posted on practice hall's wall at El Ático. Remember to always sign the practice logbook.

Normal prices

1 month 30 €                     reference  202099

6 months 165 €                 reference  202109

12 months 300 €               reference  202112

Single practice 5 €            reference  202125

When paying with bank transfer, please fill in adjacent form and make the payment to:

payee: Amigos del Tango ry

IBAN:  FI35 1021 3000 6048 73


NB: Please use the reference number above!

Order practice time
Choose time period and starting date:

NB: Order is not needed for single practice fee.

Do you need a key card?

We have received your order. If you have any questions, please contact us with CONTACT US-button at the footer below. Thank you! :D

Payment for a key card deposit

Payment is done by bank transfer of 20 € to AdT's account.

NB: Please use the reference number below!

Reference number 343453

payee: Amigos del Tango ry

IBAN:  FI35 1021 3000 6048 73


Practicas and workshops
Sunday practicas
Sundays 16.00 – 18.00 
(no practica 24.12., 31.12. at 14–17)

Our relaxed weekly tango-practicas continue at el Atico on Sundays.


In a practica, you can train freely together with other dancers what you have learned during classes, however practicas do not include formal teaching.


AdT members of all levels are welcome to the practica, not-yet--members can come once for an introductory visit.

Practica fee is a normal daily practice fee (5 €) or an active training period subscription. If you will stay at Sunday evening’s milonga, the milonga fee covers the practica.

One Sunday per month is dedicated for alternative tango music.

tuesday neopractilongas
Tuesdays 18.00 – 21.00

Music is played from ready-made neo/nuevo/alternative tango music lists. Come to talk to us if you wish to play your music! Practilonga is a mix of practica and milonga. Milonga means social dance and practica is a tango practice session. All dancers from beginners to advanced are welcome. You can come alone or with a partner! Price: practice fee of 5 euros or the pre-paid season fee. No cash, payment to bank account or MobilePay (you'll find instructions at site). Practilonga is open for all members of Amigos del Tango association, and those who are not members yet can try it out once. You can join AdT here: Organizer: Amigos del Tango ry & volunteers




18.00 – 21.00




18.00 – 21.00




18.00 – 21.00




18.00 – 21.00




18.00 – 20.30

Lead and Follow-classes & practicas
Fridays 18.00 – 20.30

Teacher: Nina Krook

Price: class 10 €, practica the usual El Ático daily practice fee of 5 € or a valid season fee.

Class level: improvers/advanced. No partner needed.

18-19 Lead and Follow -class

The class suits everyone who's interested in dance technique, but you will get the best results by changing roles. During the class you will learn to understand the movements from both the leader's and follower's viewpoint, which improves body awareness and the ability to adjust improvers.

19-20.30 Practica

Let's train what we just learned at the class, or whatever we want! We'll change couples so that everyone gets to practice.

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